Agile Snowball Lite

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Lite Version:
The Lite Version of Agile Snowball has the following limits:
* Saving snowball information is disabled

These limits can be removed with the In-App purchasing feature.


Agile Snowball is a financial tool that will attempt to find the best repayment plan for a given scenario, if one exists. If you have multiple debts it can be difficult to figure out which one should be given the highest priority. The Snowball technique is a method of debt repayment that takes a single monthly payment, and distributes it amongst the debts generally in the most efficient way possible. People often wish to pay off the smallest debts first to gain a sense of accomplishment but this has the potential to lead to large amounts being paid in interest. By paying the highest interest amounts first you can be assured that you are minimizing the cost of repayment. Instead of going to a consolidation service the Agile Snowball can tell you how to keep track and repay all your debts in the timeliest manner.


• Track multiple debts at once.
• Add/Edit/Delete debts.
• Add/Edit/Delete additional payments.
• Detailed statistics for each level of scope.
• Localization support for currencies and dates. Based on device settings.
• Simple, Clear interface.
• Unique Tutorial Mode to explain all features and information being displayed.
• Custom Graphs and Charts for visual representation of data.

Future Updates:

• Multiple snowballs.
• Continuous in depth tracking. See how close you are actually doing to the projected snowball.
• E-mail support for exporting data.
• Password protection.
• Savings mode. Once all debts have been paid continue the snowball to see how much you can save up.


Agile Snowball is a tool to help and educate an efficient repayment plan. Midnight Labs and Agile Snowball is not liable for any errors, mistakes, inaccuracies that may occur. Talk to a certified professional if you have further questions or would like to know more about repayment options. It is up to the individual to ensure that they are aware of their financial situation.


2 Responses to Agile Snowball Lite

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  2. Kelly Hughes says:

    I paid for both the 1.99 and 4.99 upgrades, and didn’t receive them. Also, the app keeps freezing and crashing my iPad.i wish I could get my money back. Can you help me?

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