Feedback – Agile Snowball

This page is for leaving feedback for the Agile Snowball iOS application for all devices and all versions. Please leave a comment or contact us directly.

2 Responses to Feedback – Agile Snowball

  1. Rak says:

    Still waiting for the issue of extra payments from one month being shifted to the next month when the month turns over.

    Also having save issues. After making changes to the snowball the changes are not always saved and have to be redone. It’s fairly hit and miss whether it saves or not.

    • midnightlabs says:

      Hello Rak,
      We apologize for the delay in fixing this on the iphone release, we are in the process of aligning all the platforms so the month behavior will reflect how it is on the ipad.
      As for the other issue, could you provide any more details? Are there any crashes when this occurs or abnormal program terminations?

      -Midnight Labs

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