We would love to hear your feedback regarding our applications and services. For general feedback you can leave a comment on this page or contact us directly.

For Feedback specific to Agile Snowball visit here or use the menu from the top of the page.

For Feedback specific to Time Vault visit here or use the menu from the top of the page.


2 Responses to Feedback

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  2. Stanci says:

    I really hope you read your feedback posts 🙂 If I was standing in a room with you, I would hug you. All of you. I don’t know if you really understand the positive impact of your TBH app. I mean, I’m sure you get it. But REALLY. My daughter is 14, a freshmen at a very large high school. She struggles with depression, anxiety, and generally avoids social situations outside of the school day. But the TBH app made her smile and laugh ALL weekend. It made her feel great about herself, it made her laugh, it made her feel like there are people in her school who really care about her and think she’s a pretty great kid. I really can’t even explain to you how much that means in our house. I’m not used to positive things coming out of a social media app, but I wanted to say THANK YOU. Truly.

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