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Agile Snowball is a financial tool that will attempt to find the best repayment plan for a given debt scenario, if one exists. If you have multiple debts it can be difficult to figure out which one should be given the highest priority. The Debt Snowball technique is a method of debt repayment that takes a single monthly payment, and distributes it amongst the debts generally in the most efficient way possible. People often wish to pay off the smallest debts first to gain a sense of accomplishment but this has the potential to lead to large amounts being paid in interest. By paying the highest interest amounts first you can be assured that you are minimizing the cost of repayment. Instead of going to a consolidation service the Agile Snowball can tell you how to keep track and repay all your debts in the timeliest manner.


• Track multiple debts at once.
• Add/Edit/Delete debts.
• Add/Edit/Delete additional payments.
• Detailed statistics for each level of scope.
• Localization support for currencies and dates. Based on device settings.
• Simple, Clear interface.
• Unique Tutorial Mode to explain all features and information being displayed.
• Custom Graphs and Charts for visual representation of data.
• Multiple debt snowballs.
• Password protection.

Future Updates:
• Continuous in depth tracking. See how close you are actually doing to the projected snowball.
• E-mail support for exporting data.
• Savings mode. Once all debts have been paid continue the snowball to see how much you can save up.

Agile Snowball is a tool to help and educate an efficient repayment plan. Midnight Labs and Agile Snowball is not liable for any errors, mistakes, inaccuracies that may occur. Talk to a certified professional if you have further questions or would like to know more about repayment options. It is up to the individual to ensure that they are aware of their financial situation.


17 Responses to Agile Snowball

  1. Dave Clews says:

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    Please send me a code for your app Agile Snowball and any others that you would like coverage of. We have access to the US iTunes store so a promotional code is by far the easiest way for us to test the app.

    There are only ten review slots in the Finance section and time is running out, so please respond quickly to ensure we can feature your app in the book.



  2. Lillian says:


    I’ve tried Agile Snowball Lite and I’m almost certain the pro version will satisfy my needs. I’d just like to confirm one thing: can I enter a larger Monthly Payment in the pro version (the Lite version allows for just $250)?

    Thanks for your help!

    • midnightlabs says:

      The full version has no limits and should be able to track any number of debts. If you have any feedback about your experience with the app we would like to hear about it.

  3. John says:

    A worthless and utterly confusing program. Nothing worked, and some scondary screen kept interrupting. One could not read the fine print anyway. Utterly unstable! Nothing made any sense! No instructions. No logic. Probably written in Hong Kong. Unintelligable!

    Run from this nonsense! It cost me $3 to find out they rolled me and my money down the hill.

  4. Brian says:


    The app looks pretty good, and is among the best I have tried,
    I have two comments though :

    1. The possibility of arranging the order of debts instead of only having the options “balance” and “interest”
    2. Another color scheme? 🙂

    Best Regards

  5. Brian says:


    Another question :

    Bought the app yesterday. I have entered my debts, and the app expects the first payment to be due this month.

    If I drill into my debts the schedule says that my first payment is due in June.
    Selecting the payment in June, and then selecting “details” brings me to the graphical representation of the debt.

    The detailed text below says that I have paid in June and thus my debt has been reduced with this amount (Remaining balance)

    Is this a bug? I would figure that I would have to manually add a payment before it would be subtracted from the debt.

    Best Regards

  6. Rak says:

    When is this App going to be compatible with OS4? After updating my ipod I can no longer add additional payments, add debts, edit debts etc because the pop up keyboard covers the update (save) button.

    The app is now USELESS!!!

  7. Rak says:

    And another thing – there’s no decimal point anymore so interest can no longer be entered.

  8. Jaff says:

    Having the same problem with Brian on the ‘remaining balance’ issue; and Rak on the decimal point issue. I upgraded from lite to pro but i think the lite performed better than the pro except for the limited features.

    • Rak says:

      Don’t know about the balance issue but I downloaded the new update today and pro has become fully functional again (as far as I’ve checked).

  9. Pam says:

    I just bought Agile Snowball for my iPad and noticed that it isn’t calculating one of my entries correctly. I added an amount of $136130.00 with an interest rate of 8. All the other amounts ranged in totals but my other interest rates were not a whole percentage. They had decimal amounts. Is this a bug?

    • Rak says:

      The App used to be great, then came OS4 and now it’s just crap. Doesn’t always save, when the month rolls over it takes any additional payments to the next month. Pointless really.

  10. Hans Frank says:

    No point in posting here, the support is nonexistent

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  12. Gina Igel says:

    I would love it if the program allowed for alterations in the snowball payment. Sometimes life has other plans and to be locked into a larger payment than necessary doesn’t always work. Having the ability to alter, payment by payment, down as well as up, should be available.


    Also having huge problems since upgrading to os5. Getting ready to upgrade again. Wish that you guys could keep up.

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