Agile Snowball Guide

As mentioned in yesterdays post we have put together a helpful guide for Agile Snowball. It can be found by either clicking here or at the top of the page under the Agile Snowball tab. The guide is written to cover all of the versions so some features might not apply to everyone. We will also be making updates and changes as needed if things are unclear or need more explanation or if new features have been added.

Agile Snowball Guide


Agile Snowball breaks into the top 100!

As of today Agile Snowball has reached the top 100 in finance! Peaking around 64th earlier today now sitting around 80th. I would like to thank all the supporters and feedback. We expect the next update to be approved later this week which will include more options when adding a new debt.

Agile Snowball and Agile Snowball Lite Updated

The latest updates for the Agile Snowball family are small and  include some stability fixes and UI tweaks. The next feature update is expected to be submitted for approval next week.

Click to download Agile Snowball.

Click to download Agile Snowball Lite.

Who We are

You are probably wonder “Who is Midnight Labs and what do they do?”.

That’s a good question! We are a small software development team that has a focus on mobile platforms. Currently we are actively developing for the iPhone and iTouch platforms. You may have seen some of the projects in the iTunes app store and other places. Our current releases include iButton, iButton Lite, as well as the upcoming Agile Snowball.

Welcome to Midnight Labs!

Welcome to the official blog of the developer Midnight Labs.