Time Vault Press Release

Time Vault by Midnight Labs released for the iPad, available in the iTunes App Store Dec. 22.


December 18, 2010

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Just in time for the Winter Holidays, Midnight Labs is proud to present it’s latest release, Time Vault, for the iPad. Time Vault is an application target at both Professionals, Business Users, and anyone that likes to stay organized. It allows users to track how much time they spend on a particular task, and even allows for assigning an hourly rate to the task to be able to prepare invoices for customers or contractors.

From the teenager who wants to keep track of how long they has been playing video games versus doing home work, to the highly skilled professional that wants to be able to keep track of billable hours to their clients, Time Vault has been designed to exceed all users’ needs.  Time Vault utilizes an informative but non-overbearing tutorial dialog system to assist first time users with all the potential features in the application. As well, the more complex features have the option of using a step-by-step wizard to assist the users.

Privacy and Reliability are very important to us and we take them seriously with Time Vault. Each user has the option to make their Log Book private by creating a password to view any information about it, while allowing other user’s to continue to use the application. Time Vault also has a built in auto-backup system that will help reduce the chances of losing user data as well as being able to export or make offline copies of data to store on a users desktop or physical media for safe keeping.

Key Features

•Designed specifically for the iPad

•Multiple Log Books to allow several users and or personas

•Unlimited amount of categories

•Unlimited amount of Tasks

•Optional Hourly Rates for business users

•Password protection for keeping data safe

•Back-up Manager for preventing data loss

•Wizard Mode for ease of use

•View Tasks by All, Day, Week, Month

•Data Export to XML, comma-delimited, PDF

•Create Invoices

Pricing and Availability:

Time Vault is available in the Apple iTunes Application store for a special introductory price of 7.99$ at:


Additional Information

Midnight Labs is a small software developer and self-publisher target primarily at mobile devices, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and formed in 2009. It is comprised of two highly skilled people who dedicate their time outside of their core careers to bring the highest quality of applications to their users. Midnight Labs has released several applications on the iPhone and iPad platforms including Agile Snowball: Debt Simplified, and Agile Snowball: Debt Simplified Lite.






Winter Update

As you may have noticed things have been a bit on the quiet side the last few months as far as the blog is concerned, but that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten or stopped supporting our apps. We have added iOS 4.2 support for the iPad and added several recent bug/crash fixes in the short terms and have been evaluating future features that would be beneficial to the Agile Snowball application family. In addition to updates we are planning on brining the lite version of Agile Snowball to the iPad and expect a release before or just after the holidays, just in time to start paying off those Christmas expenses!  We will have more details as we get closer to a solid launch date.

We have also put together a reference guide to help people get started with the Agile Snowball, as well as point out some features that long time users may have missed or overlooked. With your help and feedback we plan on continually updating it to make it as easy to read and understand for everyone.

Click here for the reference guide, or go to the Agile Snowball Tab at the top of the page.

Some of you may be thinking that that is all wonderful, but what have you been doing the last few months? Well we have been hard at work on our next venture! The Time Vault! stay tuned for more details in the coming week..