Time Vault Update – Invoice Creation!

Some of you may have noticed that on Monday the latest update to Time Vault was released. This update brings the anticipated Invoice Creation feature for everyone. Invoice Creation will allow users to create a customized invoice based upon the selected Log Book that can be sent out to your clients or businesses. Users can specify to and from addresses, which can be saved for later usage as well, as well as they can specify which milestones are used from the Log Book. Once an invoice is generated users can either retrieve them from the iTunes application data sharing tab or they can e-mail the invoices directly to their destinations. Currently invoices are created as PDF files.

We will continue to be updating this as well as all features of Time Vault but we welcome your feedback and suggestions.


Time Vault – Small update submitted

A small hot fix was submitted to address a crash bug resulting from an invalid field data being set when adding a new entry.

Time Vault – Coming Features


Just a quick update on the current state of Time Vault and where we are planning on taking it in the short term. We would like to thank our users for sticking with us through a some what rocky few updates. Stability and reliability are very important to us so we would like our users to freely contact us with any issues that they encounter, as well as being sure to synch with iTunes regularly to submit any crash reports to Apple.

We are currently in the finishing stages of the next content update which will bring the initial Invoice creation options. Users will be able to generate an invoice for their logbook and either save it to iTunes or e-mail it to themselves. We anticipate that it should be approved before the end of the month.

In addition, we are looking into cloud storage options that will allow users to backup their data to the cloud(using their own storage box, which services we support is TBD). As well being able to pull down the data from the cloud into the application is a priority, in addition to being able to locally import user data (such as an xml file containing logbook data).

-Midnight Labs

Time Vault – Data Export now available

Data Export options arrive to Time Vault! The first of 2 feature updates to focus on managing Log Books for external sources has been approved (and hot fixed!) and is now available to all of our users. Data Export allows users to store/transfer their Log Book data in a variety of formats (XML, CSV, HTML, Plain Text) through direct file sharing or e-mail. The Second update, which is targeted at the business users, will allow for Invoice generation, and is scheduled for submission by the end of the month.

Stay Tuned for more information about upcoming features!

Critical Update 1.1.1 has been released

A fix has been approved by Apple and available for users to update. This fix resolves the crash at start up preventing users from using the application. If anyone is still having issues please let us know.


We have discovered that there was an issue with the latest update. Please do not update to v1.1.0 until further notice. We are currently trying to get an expedited review from Apple as soon as possible. In the mean time we have removed Time Vault from the app store until the issue has been resolved.

Users that have already updated to v1.1.0 should be fine with the next update, but we recommend backing up your iPad data for now. The next update should not cause any data loss.

Agile Snowball – Debt Simplified lite IPAD is now out!

Last night our debt snowball calculator Agile Snowball: Debt Simplified for the iPad Lite Edition (Lets see how many more words we can add to the title!)  was approved for distribution! It features all of the core debt snowball features from Agile Snowball with the same upgrade options found on the iPhone version. You can find it in iTunes here. Of course this release is FREE for everyone so now everyone with an iOS device can try out the calculator.

Download Agile Snowball Lite here.

For more information visit the Agile Snowball or Agile Snowball Lite page.

Feedback Pages added

We have set up specific pages for providing your feedback, comments, suggestions, and problems with our applications and services. You can find them by using the navigation menu at the top of the page or by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you! If you don’t want to leave a public comment you are also welcome to contact us directly as well by visiting the contact us page.

Agile Snowball: Ipad Edition Winter Sale!

To celebrate the holidays, from now until January, Agile Snowball: Debt Simplified iPad Edition is on sale in the iTunes app store! You can find it by clicking here

Time Vault Press Release

Time Vault by Midnight Labs released for the iPad, available in the iTunes App Store Dec. 22.


December 18, 2010

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Just in time for the Winter Holidays, Midnight Labs is proud to present it’s latest release, Time Vault, for the iPad. Time Vault is an application target at both Professionals, Business Users, and anyone that likes to stay organized. It allows users to track how much time they spend on a particular task, and even allows for assigning an hourly rate to the task to be able to prepare invoices for customers or contractors.

From the teenager who wants to keep track of how long they has been playing video games versus doing home work, to the highly skilled professional that wants to be able to keep track of billable hours to their clients, Time Vault has been designed to exceed all users’ needs.  Time Vault utilizes an informative but non-overbearing tutorial dialog system to assist first time users with all the potential features in the application. As well, the more complex features have the option of using a step-by-step wizard to assist the users.

Privacy and Reliability are very important to us and we take them seriously with Time Vault. Each user has the option to make their Log Book private by creating a password to view any information about it, while allowing other user’s to continue to use the application. Time Vault also has a built in auto-backup system that will help reduce the chances of losing user data as well as being able to export or make offline copies of data to store on a users desktop or physical media for safe keeping.

Key Features

•Designed specifically for the iPad

•Multiple Log Books to allow several users and or personas

•Unlimited amount of categories

•Unlimited amount of Tasks

•Optional Hourly Rates for business users

•Password protection for keeping data safe

•Back-up Manager for preventing data loss

•Wizard Mode for ease of use

•View Tasks by All, Day, Week, Month

•Data Export to XML, comma-delimited, PDF

•Create Invoices

Pricing and Availability:

Time Vault is available in the Apple iTunes Application store for a special introductory price of 7.99$ at:


Additional Information

Midnight Labs is a small software developer and self-publisher target primarily at mobile devices, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and formed in 2009. It is comprised of two highly skilled people who dedicate their time outside of their core careers to bring the highest quality of applications to their users. Midnight Labs has released several applications on the iPhone and iPad platforms including Agile Snowball: Debt Simplified, and Agile Snowball: Debt Simplified Lite.