Agile Snowball Guide

As mentioned in yesterdays post we have put together a helpful guide for Agile Snowball. It can be found by either clicking here or at the top of the page under the Agile Snowball tab. The guide is written to cover all of the versions so some features might not apply to everyone. We will also be making updates and changes as needed if things are unclear or need more explanation or if new features have been added.

Agile Snowball Guide


Winter Update

As you may have noticed things have been a bit on the quiet side the last few months as far as the blog is concerned, but that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten or stopped supporting our apps. We have added iOS 4.2 support for the iPad and added several recent bug/crash fixes in the short terms and have been evaluating future features that would be beneficial to the Agile Snowball application family. In addition to updates we are planning on brining the lite version of Agile Snowball to the iPad and expect a release before or just after the holidays, just in time to start paying off those Christmas expenses!  We will have more details as we get closer to a solid launch date.

We have also put together a reference guide to help people get started with the Agile Snowball, as well as point out some features that long time users may have missed or overlooked. With your help and feedback we plan on continually updating it to make it as easy to read and understand for everyone.

Click here for the reference guide, or go to the Agile Snowball Tab at the top of the page.

Some of you may be thinking that that is all wonderful, but what have you been doing the last few months? Well we have been hard at work on our next venture! The Time Vault! stay tuned for more details in the coming week..

iOS4 Update!

Just an update to let everyone know that Agile Snowball has been updated to be compatible with the iOS4 devices and the Lite version is currently in review, which should be out later this week. We appreciate the patience while we were updating applications.

-Midnight Labs

Agile Snowball: Debt Simplified iPad Edition 1.3 released!

The latest version of Agile Snowball: Debt Simplified iPad Edition has been approved and is currently available in the iTunes App Store. This update brings some minor optimizations and password support for each snowball to protect your privacy.

Snowball Passwords:

When creating a new snowball or editing an existing snowball you now have the option to make it private. When a snowball is private you must also specify a password. When you try to view a private snowball you will be prompted for a password. Enter your password and then dismiss the keyboard. If the password is correct you will be granted access.

Agile Snowball Lite: Debt Simplified re-released!

We have recently re-worked the lite verison of the Agile Snowball iPhone edition. We have removed the original usage limits and you can now use all the basic features of the snowball calculator. Extra features such as fixed period (amortization), multiple snowballs, and saving financial data is initially unavailable. With In-App purchasing these limit can all be removed.

You can check out the Lite version here.

New UI + Multi Snowball support, Agile Snowball iPad 1.1 Released!

Version 1.1 of Agile Snowball for the iPad has been approved for sale in iTunes! With the new version comes to big updates.

The first is a new user interface. We have re-skinned and repurposed the entire application. Tables are more visually appealing and a more neutral background has been added to appeal to a broader audience.

The second new feature is support for multiple snowballs has been added! What this means is that you can create as many different repayment scenarios without having to overwrite an existing scenario. Each snowball is completely separate from each other and can be added/removed without interfering with any other snowballs.

We anticipate that these features will be rolled out to the iPhone version later this week, so stay tuned for more updates.

Agile Snowball now available for iPad!

Agile Snowball: Debt Simplified iPad Edition has been approved for sale and is currently available in iTunes!

Link : Agile Snowball: Debt Simplified iPad Edition

The iPad Edition features all the current features of the existing Agile Snowball for iPhone with a new interface to take advantage of the iPad capabilities. The initial release will still mimic the current iPhone was a few enhancements with a complete UI overhaul planned once hardware becomes available later in the month, as well as more planned updates for all platforms. Current user’s have not been forgot either. While initially there will be two releases we plan on allowing existing users to upgrade the iPhone version to have iPad support as well! But for those that don’t want to wait, Agile Snowball: Debt Simplified iPad Edition is available now!

For those who have used Agile Snowball or plan on purchasing in the near future, we welcome feature requests and suggestions/comments.

Midnight Labs

Update 1.1.1 Approved – Fixes minimum Payment

The latest update for Agile Snowball and Agile Snowball Lite has been approved and is available in the App Store. This update adds fixes for the graphs scaling as well as adding a Total Paid plot. In addition to these changes the minimum payment has been removed from Agile Snowball but not from Agile Snowball Lite.

Agile Snowball breaks into the top 100!

As of today Agile Snowball has reached the top 100 in finance! Peaking around 64th earlier today now sitting around 80th. I would like to thank all the supporters and feedback. We expect the next update to be approved later this week which will include more options when adding a new debt.

Agile Snowball and Agile Snowball Lite Updated

The latest updates for the Agile Snowball family are small and  include some stability fixes and UI tweaks. The next feature update is expected to be submitted for approval next week.

Click to download Agile Snowball.

Click to download Agile Snowball Lite.