New UI + Multi Snowball support, Agile Snowball iPad 1.1 Released!

Version 1.1 of Agile Snowball for the iPad has been approved for sale in iTunes! With the new version comes to big updates.

The first is a new user interface. We have re-skinned and repurposed the entire application. Tables are more visually appealing and a more neutral background has been added to appeal to a broader audience.

The second new feature is support for multiple snowballs has been added! What this means is that you can create as many different repayment scenarios without having to overwrite an existing scenario. Each snowball is completely separate from each other and can be added/removed without interfering with any other snowballs.

We anticipate that these features will be rolled out to the iPhone version later this week, so stay tuned for more updates.


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8 Responses to New UI + Multi Snowball support, Agile Snowball iPad 1.1 Released!

  1. Rob says:

    Hi. Is there any capability to backup/restore data.

  2. midnightlabs says:

    Hello Rob,

    Thank you for your question. We are currently investigating different options for backing up and transferring data between multiple devices/platforms. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA but I assure you it is a priority for us.

    Midnight Labs

  3. Amanda says:

    Do you think that you will add the option for password protection? I have a lot of people that play with my iPad and I really don’t want them knowing my personal information. This to me would be the make it or break for me to buy the application.

  4. midnightlabs says:

    Hello Amanda,

    I have good news! Password protection for each snowball is currently scheduled to be released within the next 2 weeks (Dependent on how quickly Apple approves the release).

    Midnight Labs

  5. Lin says:

    Thx midnight labs for putting a update for password protection. I have the same problem as Amanda. I will get it now since I knw the update is coming.

    • midnightlabs says:


      We appreciate your comments and I just wanted to update everyone that we do have a submission in review with Apple that will have password options. We anticipate the update to be available early this week, and will make a new post once it has been approved.

      Midnight Labs

  6. Mike says:

    Is there any plan of, in my iPad version, updating to allow a plan START date? When I entered info, it says I have to start making payments that month. For example, I already paid my June credit cards before downloading this app in late May. I entered all info, and plan to me to start making my first payments in May. I could not change the start month, which I can see getting confusing IF I were to just think “o.k., June is really July” and so on. I want to be able to have the accurate month recorded as I move along with my monthly payments. As it stands now, I have to wait until July 1st to even enter info into this app to have it accurate, in the correct payment month, so I can make July payments. It would be helpful to enter my account debt info mid-June, so I know how much I need, but tell this app “my first snowball payment STARTS in JULY, not June.” Your thoughts?

  7. midnightlabs says:

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for your feedback! I do agree that it is a bit confusing right now with the start dates. We are currently working on some better real world vs calculated tracking which would include some changes to address the issue that you have brought up. Stay tuned for more details.

    Midnight Labs

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